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Can Taichi play a role in CFD?
22 septembre 2022 | Qian Bao
Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is a branch of fluid mechanics that endeavors to precisely reproduce the behavior of liquid/gas flows and their interaction with solid boundaries. It plays a vital role in such sectors as visual effects, virtual reality, and industrial design.
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From molecular simulation to black hole rendering - Taichi Lang makes life easier for digital content creators
29 juillet 2022 | Yuanming Hu
It has been more than three years since I started working on a brand new programming language, Taichi-Lang, which is embedded in Python (but can perfectly run independently of Python) and designed for high-performance numerical computation. Two months ago, Taichi 1.0 was released, which is indeed a milestone for me personally and for our entire community. From an immature academic idea to an open-source project that has attracted hundreds of contributors, Taichi is committed to making graphics programming easier for content creators.
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ETH Zürich uses Taichi Lang in its Physically-based Simulation course (AS 21)
8 juillet 2022 | Yuanming Hu
As you may already know, ETH Zürich is a world-class university constantly ranked among the top 1 to 5 in Europe.
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